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Amy’s 35th Birthday

Also known as my “half-way to 70 birthday”… thanks to Jayson!

After spending the day at the beach for the first time in 35 years, Jayson took me out on the town.  We had dinner at the Halekulani (the only five-star resort in Waikiki).  The three-piece Hawaiian ensemble sang “Happy Birthday” to me per Jayson’s request.  Our pictures are a little blurry because the sun was going down, but we also had a former “Miss Hawaii” as our hula dancer.

After dinner we acted like tourists for the night.  We walked the streets of Waikiki and took pictures with street performers, danced to the music, and enjoyed a moment with Duke Kahanamoku.  But the funniest was the number of people who stopped and said, “Are you Amy?  Happy Birthday!”  (Turns out a lot of other people ate at the Halekulani, too!)

It was a great day to reflect on the challenges and successes of 2008. 

Dinner Entertainment - Hawaii Style

Dinner Entertainment - Hawaii Style

I look forward to my 35th year of life with enthusiasm!

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