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If you haven’t planned a trip to visit us… you may want to now!

Today’s adventure took us along the scenic route of Highway 72 from Hawai’i Kai to Kailua.  Some of the highlights included:

  • The gorgeous view of Hanauma Bay
  • Halona Beach (featured in the movie “From Here to Eternity”)
  • Halona Blowhole where the ocean current creates a volcanic-like eruption through a hole in the earth
  • Sandy Beach where locals hangglide and bodysurf in its dangerous waves
  • Makapu’u – the easternmost part of the island
  • Views of Kaupo, Kaiona and Waimanalo Beaches and Kaohi-ka-ipu and Manana (Rabbit) Islands

We continued on Highway 72 past Enchanted Lake (which is more like a pond according to Michigan standards!) and into Kailua. We enjoyed a Philly Cheese Steak at Pepper’s Place. Pepper aims to live up to the standards set by the Cheese Steak Giants of Philadelphia without having to travel 6,000 miles to get to Philly. We believe she’s achieved her goal!

After lunch we drove through the streets of Kailua (which were all oddly named “Kailua Rd.”) to reach our final destination: Kailua Beach. Known for it’s sugary soft sand and 2 1/2 miles of beach front, Kailua beach was a refreshing change from our usual weekends at Waikiki Beach. There wasn’t a hotel in sight. Just palm trees, sandy beach, and gorgeous blue water.
On our drive home we opted for the Pali Highway which offers the “Pali Lookout” point – a panoramic view of Kane’ohe Bay, Mokapu Peninsula, the cliffs of Ko’olau and Chinaman’s Hat island. It’s hard to believe this was the scene of one of O’ahu’s bloodiest battles which led to King Kamehameha’s victory in conquering the island.

It was an exciting adventure that we hope to share with everyone who visits!

Taken at the lookout point just beyond Hanauma Bay

Taken at the lookout point just beyond Hanauma Bay

Also taken at the lookout point just past Hanauma Bay

Also taken at the lookout point just past Hanauma Bay

The View from Pali Lookout

The View from Pali Lookout

Double Rainbow on Our Way Home

Double Rainbow on Our Way Home

A little activity at the blowhole

A little activity at the blowhole

Jayson found this great book titled “O’ahu Revealed.”  It provides a thorough (and incredibly honest) overview of the activities available and sites to see in O’ahu.  This book has inspired the first of many weekend excursions which we will share through pictures and blogs.


  thecpo wrote @

Thanks for sharing. The pics are very pretty, can’t wait to visit your blog in February when it’s -18 here. The blow holes are much like the ones in the Cayman Islands…very interesting. It’s really fun to get tourists to look down into one just as it blows. Just kidding!
Looks like you had a fun weekend, now get to work!

  himico wrote @

I am looking outside at the fluffy snow falling softly and silently. The branches are tipped in white, a blanket of snow covers the ground. Help! I need more pictures…

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